Illud Tempus

ILLUD TEMPUS means time now and always in Latin. lt also represents the atemporal telling of dreams, of unconscious time when God was a woman, a contemporary fairy tale.

An actress, a singer, through acoustic (clarinet and percussion) and electroacoustic means, like story tellers assembling a patchwork texture of women dreams, Yanamami stories, (stone age indigenous culture in Brazil), mythical texts, fairy tales, composing and decomposing images, words and sounds.

The electroacoustic part , like a collage, builds a dreamy sound landscape of these memories through processed sampled sounds of citations from Yanomami chants to improvisations by the composer  and Joseph Celli fused in magical reminiscences of the Dervishes...

In real time, this space is drawn by sound objects and musical instrurments specially built to offer the performers a scenic and musical field which designs a verbal path to the central personage - a woman.

Spoken words in different languages are used not only to tell these stories but also weaving intelligible phonemic texts combining sonic and semantic results.

Besides the author  texts, some citations were drawn from Euripedes -Medeia, ancient Summer Babylonian texts, besides Clemente, Nag Hammadi Library and Gertrude Stein.

Focusing on texts that expresses the female psyche through times, "Illud Tempus" explores through music, theater, body expression this variety and diversity of cultures.

A music - theater piece that goes back to a playful universe of the collective unconscious to regain the mysterious routes of the true feminine.

"Illud Tempus" is the second part from a trilogy started with "Inori to the sacred prostitute" in 1993 and closing with "As Malibrans", 2000.

Illud Tempus was premiered at the Espašo Cultural Sergio Porto, Rio de Janeiro, 1994 followed by performances at the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt". Berlin

CD  recorded for oodiscs, USA and RioArte Digital / Academia Brasileira de Musica, Brazil. Video recorded  in its complete version by   TVCultura, S. Paulo. Brazil