Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana may suggest mirage, visions of the unconsious as well as the druidess who recalls the godly wisdom of primitive revelation.

This opera is like a magic box in which participants and audience play the intangible game of visions.

There is no traditional libretto but rather a scenic concept suggesting the cycle of life through a theater of images and sounds.

A huge bubble installation suggests the mystery of the life's essence.

The opera has four parts without interruption, linked by a woman's voice. They are: Memory, Ritual, oniric and story.

In the first part - Memory - two voices processed in real time using combinations of sound blocks , take on a spiral form similar to the mechanism of memory.

During the Ritual an actress / sculptress removes the singer's tunic and oints her naked body before commencing the body sculpturing. She applies plaster - soaked cloth to the singer, beginning with her feet and slowly progressing all over her body. This may suggest infant swaddling or Egyptian embalming. As plaster hardens, she is less and less able to use her voice.

During the Oniric part, a dancer moves like a fetus inside a large bubble being inflated in real time.

Finally during Story, the singer / actress chanting and using a phonemic language, tries desperately to tell a story impossible of being told - the mystery of life.

The text she uses is composed of a polarity of meanings with semantic and rhythmic correspondence through a series of words connected to each other in blurred relations of dreams and memories ... intelligible reflections on life and death.

"Fata Morgana" was premiered at the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, 1997 followed by Teatro Municipal , S. Paulo, Brazil

CD recorded for Eldorado, S.Paulo, Brazil.

Video recorded in its complete version by TV Educativa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



According to Stephen Hawking, "our world with its planets and galaxies is contained within an enormous bubble, from the surface of which occasionally escape other smaller bubbles given origin to new universes."