JOCY DE OLIVEIRA, The most prominent Brazilian woman composer, through a pioneer work in Brazil, has been involved in a variety of media since the early 60's with a conviction that sound expression is universal in all life.

She has utilized acoustic and electronic instruments, music - theater, installations, texts, graphics, video, audience, dance in an approach to an organic developrnent of perforrnance / composition works.

She has composed and directed her 6 major operas and music - theater pieces which have been acclairned through several productions in Brazil, USA and Germany

She received a nunber of grants and awards such as Rockefeller Foundation, CAPS (New York Council on the Arts), Pan American Union, Vitae and Rioarte Foundations besides being elected rnernber of the "Academia Brasileira de Musica".

Her rnusic has been performed frequently in Brazil and abroad in such places as "Haus der Kulturen der Welt" - Berlin, Staatstheater- Darmstadt in Germany as well as in the USA: Hayden Planetariurn, Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn Academy - New York, New Music America Festivals, Miami Planetarium.

Her works have also been acclairned at the Bellas Artes - Mexico, Radio France - Paris, Gaudeamus and Gulbenkian Foundations, numerous festivals and major theaters in Brazil such as Bienais de Musica Conteporanea, Theatro Municipal de S. Paulo and Rio de Janeiro besides radios in Brazil, USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Belgiun, Holland, Spain, England, Italy, Norway and Hungary.

These last six years, she dedicates herself to compose an opera trilogy focusing wornen values. These operas have been performed with great success in Brazil and Germany.



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Five of her operas have been recorded on video, directed by the composer and shown on public TV in Brazil such as TVE (Edueational TV) and TV Cultura.

She has 25 discs released of her own compositions and other contemporary works as a pianist

Totally imersed in the contemporary arts as a perforrner of new works for the piano, rnany of which have been written for her by cornposers such as Xenakis, Berio and Santoro, she has been soloist under the baton of Stravinsky, recorded all the major piano works by Messiaen (for Vox and Philips), participated in concerts with John Cage and Lukas Foss besides bringing Stockhausen to Brazil.

Author of four books published in Brazil and in the USA, she also conceived and produced videos internationally acclaimed.