"RITO DE PASSAGEM" (1992) 1h duration

a sonic performance / installation for musicians, actors, dancers and electroacoustic music presented with the art installation of Frans Krajcberg during RIO ECO 92 at the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro,1992


An urban intervention for Pelourinho area in Salvador, Bahia, involving musicians, visual artists, actors / dancers, street events, public ," capoeira" dancers.

Collaboration of visual artist Mario Cravo and musical

instruments by Smetak.

Presented at the Pelourinho, Salvador Bahia,1978

"MAKE A SILKSCREEN FROM A SCORE, MAKE A SCORE FROM A SILKSCREEN" (1976) one day event involving the whole community.

Collaboration of visual artist Josely Carvalho

Presented at the Arlington Art Center, Virginia USA,197

"HOMAGE A DUCHAMP"(1974) 12h duration

An urban intervention presented in 1974 in Curitiba, Brasil, involving the whole downtown area with participation of musicians, visual artists, actors, public in general.

Collaboration of visual artist Josely Carvalho

"TREASURE HUNT" (1973) duration: days

An urban intervention presented during the 1973 Festival Internacional de Campos de Jordão, S. Paulo

Involving the whole community.


An installation based on ecology and Olivier Messiaen involving multi projections, sound.

Presented at University of South Florida,Tampa, USA,1972

"COMMUNICATIONS" (1969) – 2h

A multimedia concert involving solo musicians, choir, speakers (scientist, political scientists) multi projections.

Presented at Sala Cecilia Meireles, Rio de Janeiro, 1969

"POLINTERAÇÕES" (1969) several hours duration

A multimedia piece involving musicians, actors, specially designed live electronics, multi projections, installation made of junk sculptures and public.

Presented at the Monsanto Factury, St Louis, MO, USA,1970

Published by SOURCE, Music of the Avant Garde, California, USA,1970

"PROBABILISTIC THEATER I,II,III (1967-68) duration: free

A multimedia piece for musicians, actors, dancers, light projections, close circuit TV, video and public

Presented at the New Music Circle, St. Louis Mo. 1968

Published by SOURCE Music of the Avant Garde, California, USA, 1968